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Vision, Mission & Shared Values

Dubreuilville’s Vision Statement

A prosperous, vibrant and healthy rural community, the Township of Dubreuilville is able to adapt to a changing world and to offer diverse opportunities and a high quality of life to all its citizens.  

Dubreuilville’s Mission Statement

Diversify and strengthen Dubreuilville’s economic base through sustainable development; improve the quality and range of municipal and community services, and the quality and diversity of housing opportunities, while maintaining a high quality of life in close link to its wilderness setting. Thanks to municipal services, the Township of Dubreuilville will endeavor to foster the social, community, and economic conditions necessary for the whole population to prosper. 

Shared Values Amongst Canadians

The Federal Government’s website about Canadian identity revealed the results of a national consultation as part of the General Social Survey (GSS) by Statistics Canada (2013) among citizens just before the 150th anniversary of the Canadian Confederation.

The values described as being shared by a large majority of Canadians were: “ In 2013, the overwhelming majority of people believed that Canadians collectively shared the values of human rights (92%), respect for the law (92%), gender equality (91%),…and Ethnic and cultural diversity (85%) as well as respect for Aboriginal Cultural (68%)”.