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Community Profile - Dubreuilville, Ontario 2019

The Township of Dubreuilville is a proud Francophone community nestled within the heart of the Magpie forest, located at the junction of the Magpie River and at the end of highway 519 East off the Trans-Canada highway 17. Dubreuilville is a relatively young town with a colourfully rich history. Our industrious and adventurous lifestyles are built on the surrounding natural resources, while modern technology is rapidly propelling Dubreuilville into the modern age. The result is an energetic community building a strong future on the shoulders of our founding fathers. Our lifestyle is typical of the French culture. We love good food, great music, lively social occasions and a comfortable quality of life that is based on solid family values.  
Surrounded by the lush beauty of Northern Ontario, Dubreuilville offers limitless year-round activities to suit every need. Join us and experience the freedom!


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