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Posted: Mar 26, 2020


-For Immediate Release-

The Corporation of the Township of Dubreuilville - COVID-19 Response

Due to Centre of Disease Control findings, that indicates COVID-19 can live on materials such as cardboard and plastic in some cases for as long as three (3) days and that handling curbside material can spread the virus amongst fellow employees or along the route; meaning from one house to another or garbage bin to bin. These findings have prompted service providers throughout the Country to alter their collection policies.

Therefore, for the residents and employees' safety, and heightened concern surrounding the COVID-19 coronavirus, the Township of Dubreuilville has decided that residential waste and recycling will no longer be collected at the curb on Wednesdays effective immediately until further notice.

Efforts to social distance employees and reduce exposure to materials that could have been exposed to the virus were vital in making this difficult decision.

Residents will be able to go to the landfill site themselves, and please remember to practice social distancing. The landfill will be open during regular hours and in addition, on Wednesdays from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. Tipping fees will be waived for regular household weekly garbage when accessing the landfill to limit contact with our Landfill Attendant.

When not in use, the garbage truck will be parked at the municipal garage for your convenience, for anyone that wants to dump their regular domestic waste, few garbage bags, directly in the truck. The recycling bin is also available at the arena for your convenience. If you need special assistance, please reach out to a friend or family member firstly, otherwise contact the Township at 705-884-2340 ext. 0 and we will do our best to provide support on a case-to-case basis.

We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience and understanding!

The Township will continue to monitor the situation and make any municipal service changes that are deemed necessary to help keep everyone safe and minimize the spread.

For questions or concerns, contact:


Francis DeChamplain, Infrastructure Superintendent

705-884-2340 ext. 24

The Corporation of the Township of Dubreuilville

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